In our dining area, experience the taste of traditional Irish cooking with the finest local beef, seafood and other ingredients all supplied by local artisan suppliers ensuring flavour and goodness from ‘Ireland’s garden’. Our daily menu and bar menu also includes international cuisine all cooked to order by our chefs.


Soup of the Day: served with Homemade Brown Bread or a Roll @ €4.95
Deep Fried Brie: Served with Raspberry Coulis @ €7.50
Garlic Mushrooms: Deep Fried Golden Mushrooms & Garlic mayo @ €7.50
Warm Cajun Chicken Salad: Warm Cajun Chicken Slices on a bed of Garden Salad @ €7.75
Egg Mayonnaise: Served with Homemade Brown Bread @ €7.50
Spicy Chicken Wings: Wings Served with a Spicy Barbecue Sauce @ €7.75


Prawn Salad:  Served on a Slice of Homemade Brown Bread @ €12.50
Cold Meat Salad: Selection of Cold Meats €12.50
Warm Chicken & Bacon Salad: Juicy Chicken & Bacon Lardons on a bed of Garden Salad @ €12.75
Smoked Salmon Salad: Oak Smoked Salmon Served with Homemade Brown Bread c €12.50

Main Dishes

Daily Specials:Please ask your Server €12.00 – €15.00
Striploin Steak: Grilled Striploin steak served with Sauté Onions, mushrooms, house sauce and chips @ €23.95

Irish Fillet Steak: Matured for 28 days- served with Saute Onions, mushrooms, house sauce and chips @ €26.50
Steak Baguette: with Lettuce, Onions, Tomato & Garlic Mayonnaise @ €12.50
Fish & Chips: @ €12.50

Homemade Beef Burger: with cheddar cheese, tomato, house mayo, salad and relish on a brioche bun with salad and chips €12.00
Chicken Curry: served with Basmati Rice @ €14.50
BLT Bap: Bacon Lettuce & Tomato served on a toasted Bap with Mayo @ €10.00 
Chicken Kiev: Golden Fried Chicken with Garlic Butter @ €14.00
Devilled Chicken: Golden Fried Chicken served with a Chutney & Onion Sauce @ €14.50
Mixed Grill: Lamb Chop, Black & White Pudding, Rashers, Sausages, Egg & Chips @ €14.25

All of the above Dishes are served with Chips or Potatoes & Salad or vegetables

Vegetarian Dishes

Vegetarian Stir Fry: served with Basmati Rice @ €10.00